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Advance Technology Home Care

Transforming home care with advanced tech. Your well-being deserves the best.

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Health Ride: Advancing Healthcare Access through Multilingual Ride-Share Innovation

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation service for English and non-English speakers. Join the ride for care!

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Seamless Live Well At Home care: Elevating Senior Care with CareConnect and Multilingual Ride-Share

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Seamless Dementia Care: Integrating CareConnect with Multilingual Ride-Share

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Experience Skilled Care and Compassion at Cherished Services, Inc.

Welcome to Cherished Services, Inc., where innovation meets compassion. Embrace a seamless journey to optimal well-being with our state-of-the-art solutions. Our expert team blends technology and care, creating a harmonious environment for your health needs. Experience the future of home care as we prioritize your comfort and recovery.

From personalized monitoring to advanced medical assistance, we redefine how you receive care at home. Welcoming you to a new era of home health care, where comfort and technology converge for your well-being.

We Are Committed Our Mission Statement

The mission is to empower individuals to maintain independence and well-being through innovative, user-friendly technologies.

Developing high-tech solutions for healthcare involves creating apps and utilizing devices or systems that enhance the quality of life for individuals in their own homes.

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Modern insurance is welcomed for advanced home health care services.

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